Whelpdale Chocolates - Bean to Bar Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate



Whelpdale Chocolates is a small batch bean to bar chocolate company.

We create craft chocolate from the finest cacao, that is always ethically and sustainably sourced. While creating dairy free alternatives to traditional favorites, Whelpdale Chocolates is committed to not compromising in quality. We use organic cocoa beans, and pure organic non GMO soy products. Directly trading with cacao farmers means that a true fair price is given for their labor. While we currently don't have any certifications, such as 'fair trade' etc, we can offer full details about who and where we get our cacao, and how much we pay.


Gary Whelpdale

Originally from the North East of England, our chocolate maker moved to the states with the ambition of working in the music industry. After attending music school in England and graduating with a degree in music composition and digital production, he had plans of opening a recording studio in Bloomington, Indiana. A small college town with vibrant and eclectic music scene, Gary worked part time at various vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Bloomington while building his client list of recording artists. He began working at a newly opened all vegan cafe called Rainbow Bakery, and became fascinated with the delights and challenges of vegan baking. His passion for bringing traditional English recipes to the attention of US consumers, and problem solving vegan recipes was well received. The challenge of finding the most non vegan things and making it vegan was extremely satisfying. So in 2014 Gary set out to make vegan white chocolate, with the intention of using it in baking recipes. From there, the puzzle seemed vast and possibilities endless. Branching out to milk and dark recipes, the journey of learning craft chocolate making began.